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Powering the EV Revolution.

We Think Charging Infrastructure

Along with our partners, we offer a complete platform of services spanning the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of EV charging solutions. From individual parking lot charging locations to larger commercial charging destinations, we have the technologies and know-how to navigate the electrification landscape.

Our Solutions

With chargers that range from 10 - 350kW, we have the equipment to suit any project size and location requirements. By combining the world’s best technologies with best-in-class operating skills and smart capital, GenZ is the partner of choice to build and manage the EV infrastructure of tomorrow.


Working with household automotive names, we are able to build out regional and national charging infrastructure networks.

Using existing locations or building new ones, our goal is to establish our automotive partners as the place to go for ultra-fast EV charging.


NEVI Funding

As part of the US Government's drive towards electrification, we have exclusive access to hundreds of subsidized locations across the United States.

Our proprietary site selection and predictive EV adoption tools have proven to deliver outsized ROIs for partners and investors alike.  


EV Charge Parks

Designed for the ultimate customer experience, our EV charge parks provide all the amenities in one bespoke charging destination.

Built from the ground up, customers get to experience the benefits of ultra-fast EV charging together with food and retail spaces for their enjoyment.


All our partners play a unique role to bring to life each opportunity.

Z is determined in its search for excellence which is why we've teamed up with leaders in their respective fields.





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