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NEVI Funding

The US Government has announced $5 billion of available funding over the next 5 years to build out ultra-fast EV charging networks across the United States. With exclusive access to hundreds of sites across the country, GenZ is the bespoke solution provider you need to roll out your network with a focus on cost efficiency.

GenZ Site Selection Criteria

Traffic Corridors

Strategically placed locations along highways, interstates and other high-traffic areas ensure that your site has maximum utilization.

High growth
EV States

Certain areas around the US have been early EV adopters. GenZ takes this into consideration to forecast high-demand areas for greater ROI.

Greenfield Opportunities

With sustainability at the forefront of decision-making, we've identified prime locations for new charging sites. GenZ starts from the ground up to build cutting-edge charge parks.

Existing Charging Footprint

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