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A Loyalty Program For Dealers At The Intersection Of F&I & EV Charging.


ChargeClub Provides Solutions For EV Infrastructure Problems 


Dealers are telling us the cost of EV charging infrastructure is prohibitive:

ChargeClub eliminates or reduces need for EV CapEx


Dealers are hesitant to buy technology which could soon be obsolete:

ChargeClub provides a path for 3-year hardware upgrade cycles


Dealers are unhappy about ROI and low volumes until scale is achieved:

ChargeClub considers total current business not just EV sales


Dealers are nervous about consumer adoption of EVs due to charging issues:

ChargeClub builds confidence by showcasing high-speed charging


ChargeClub is designed to address the pain points dealers face with EV charging requirements. It leverages any dealer’s traditional F&I business to earn EV Credits, which can be redeemed for EV charging hardware and services.

Think of EV Credits as Airline Miles

Charging an Electric Car

How Does ChargeClub Work?

GenZ will consult with the dealership to develop a charging infrastructure recommendation based on multiple criteria:

  • Overall store volume and site location

  • EV sales volume, EV servicing needs and OEM requirements/recommendations

  • Current F&I products, sales and volume

Based on the recommendation, the dealership can select the hardware that fits its vision:

  • Traditional DCFC vs battery-buffered or energy storage optionscor off-grid solutions

  • Public vs non-public charging

  • Preferred options for Level 2 charging

Dealership picks a plan that aligns with its EV strategy:


  • No commitment: Earn EV credits as you go and spend them when you need upgrades or repairs to EV charging solutions

  • Includes Keyfetch key retrieval/key loss prevention on every EV sold within the first year - FREE

  • Optional upfront commitment to 3-year plans offering EV charging solutions with zero initial CapEx

  • Optional program for the dealership to purchase hardware at end of 3 years for $0 

Want to Earn EV Credits? It Starts By Onboarding GenZ As a Backup Provider For Your VSC Business

Enrol in ChargeClub and earn 100 EV Credits for every VSC sold via GenZ, without limits. Improve your profitability by focusing on segments mispriced by existing providers while accruing EV credits



  • No need to change current providers, we are not looking to replace anyone.

  • We offer complementary products to fill gaps in your current F&I offering, specializing in used vehicles.

  • Highly competitive in the high-mileage premium & luxury segments, with VSC rates 20-30% lower than competitors.

  • No dealership chargebacks after 90 days, we protect dealership profits up to $2000 in case of cancellation.

  • Unlimited mileage coverage for up to 96 months.

  • Comprehensive coverage similar to manufacturer’s warranty, including seals and gaskets.

  • Coverage available for vehicles up to 300,000 miles.

  • Up to $50,000 aggregate liability on exotics & luxury vehicles.

  • Integration with all major F&I menu providers.

Electric Car Charger

Redeeming EV Credits For
Charging Hardware

GenZ Charging Shoot 2 v1-61.jpg

ADS-TEC 320kW DCFC Battery-buffered solution

  • Ultra- fast charging, 2 dispensers, grid connections between 50-110kW

  • Ideal for sites with grid limitations and/or peak demand charges

Retail Price:

EV Credits:



GenZ Charging Shoot 2 v1-61.jpg

Autel 80A AC Charger Dual Port

  • Wall mount or pedestal single or dual mount, simultaneously charge 2 vehicles with 1 Pedestal dual mount, 19.2 kW to each car plugged in

  • Slim sleek profile, custom branded faceplates, easy to user interface

Retail Price:

EV Credits:



GenZ Charging Shoot 2 v1-61.jpg

Autel 40kW Trolley DCFC

  • Compact and sleek design, available in pedestal or trolley

  • 2 CCS1, or 1 CCS1+1 CHAdeMO, or 1 CCS1, 21.5 inch LCD Touch Screen

Retail Price:

EV Credits:



GenZ Charging Shoot 2 v1-61.jpg

Chaevi DCFC 120kW DCFC

  • Includes 3 years Uptime Charger 24/7 monitoring

  • User friendly interface with high visibility and charging features

Retail Price:

EV Credits:



GenZ Charging Shoot 2 v1-61.jpg

Autel DCFC 60kW upgradable to 240kW

  • Upgradable in 20kW increments, full kW to single vehicle or dynamically split

  • Dual CCS ports w/Ad Screen, 27" touch screen (55" screen available) with easy-to-use advertising upload system

Retail Price:

EV Credits:



GenZ Charging Shoot 2 v1-61.jpg

Level 2 AC 48/50A

  • Allows connection of more than one chargers to the same electrical circuit to safely charge multiple EVs at a time.

  • Compact design, powerful performance. Adjustable capacity from 6A up to 50A

Retail Price:

EV Credits:



Earn EV Credits With Our Industry Leading F&I Solutions

Our Unique & Flexible Solutions Make Our Dealers More Profitable!

GenZ can upgrade your dealership in any segment you choose, but you’ll gain the most value by leveraging our full range of expertise!




EV Charging


F&I + EV Charging

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